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The concept of the SMJ300 Mow-Trim came to me in 2014 in my garden, when my wife and I were both doing pretty much the same job.
It seemed long winded getting close to the edge with a mower – but like all mowers on the market – never being able to quite reach them.

I was fed up with tangling wires between the mower and trimmer, the need to re-visit my work around the borders and the overall headache of needing two people, or products to cover essentially one job. There needed to be a better way.

That’s when I came up with the TriMower.

I put pen to paper and started work on the TriMower Mow-Trim, a simple 2-in-1 mower to make life easier. The main goal to save the user time and effort with less time having a grass trimmer in their hands – and more time enjoying their garden.

The result – a garden care range that has been designed from the ground up. With saving effort and time at the forefront of design and to make garden care more enjoyable.

Sometimes the simplist of designs provide the biggest change – and with better edges – come better lawns

Sam Coogan – CEO and Inventor of TriMower